Debut film Psychosia selected for Venice's Critics' Week

FESTIVAL. Marie Grahtø's debut feature, 'Psychosia', is selected for Venice Film Festival's Critics' Week, which has a keen eye on new talents and emerging trends. The sidebar competition runs parallel to the festival's official programme starting 28 August.

Venice Film Festival's La Settimana Internazionale della Critica, known as the Film Critics' Week, has selected Marie Grahtø, a graduate from the alternative Danish film school Super16, and her debut feature 'Psychosia'. The film will be celebrating its world premiere as one of seven debut films running in the Venice sidebar competition.

According to Grahtø, who has helmed the acclaimed shorts 'Daimi' (2012), 'Yolo' (2013) and her graduation film 'Teenland' (2014), the film explores a genre termed psychotic realism. 

'Psychosia', based on the director's own experience, tells the story of Viktoria, an eccentric and extremely self-disciplined researcher who is brought to a psychiatric ward to treat the young suicidal patient Jenny. Through intimate nocturnal conversations, they form a tight bond. Viktoria slowly opens up to experience closeness with another for the first time in her life, but the closer the two women get, the more it becomes clear that something is not as it seems.

Playing the leading roles are Lisa Carlehed and Victoria Carmen Sonne. Sonne recently won a Danish Bodil for her turn in the acclaimed debut feature 'Holiday', which bowed at Sundance last year. Also on the cast list is renowned actress Trine Dyrholm, who has garnered much praise for her performance in 'Queen of Hearts', winner at this year's Sundance. 

'Psychosia' is written and directed by Marie Grahtø, who graduated from Super16 in 2014. Producing the film are Julie Friis Walenciak and Amalie Lyngbo Quist for Beo Starling with support from the Danish Film Institute's talent scheme New Danish Screen. 

International sales are handled by Beo Starling.

This year's edition of the Venice Film Festival runs from 28 August to 7 September. See more at the Film Critics' Week website.

In 2017, Annika Berg's youth drama 'Team Hurricane' was honoured with the Verona Film Club Award at Venice's Film Critics' Week.