Parents and BUGS to Tribeca

FESTIVAL. Christian Tafdrup's feature debut "Parents" is selected for the International Narrative Competition and Andreas Johnsen's "BUGS" for the Documentary Competition at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York (13-24 April).

Christian Tafdrup's feature debut "Parents" and Andreas Johnsen's documentary "BUGS" will both celebrate their world premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. "Parents" is selected for the International Narrative Competition and "BUGS" for the Documentary Competition. The festival takes place in downtown Manhattan on 13-24 April.

At last year's festvial, both Camilla Nielsson's "Democrats," Jeppe Rønde's "Bridgend," Dagur Kári's "Virgin Mountain" and Hamy Ramezan and Rungano Nyoni's short "Listen" brought home awards. 


Christian Tafdrup's feature debut "Parents" follows the middle-aged couple Kjeld and Vibeke. When their son, Esben, moves out, Kjeld and Vibeke decide to relocate to a smaller home. They discover that the apartment they lived in back in the days is up for sale and agree to buy it and make a new start. Kjeld furnishes the apartment the way it was furnished back then, and for a while the two relive their sweet days of youth. But what was once defining them may not exist anymore, and one morning the events take a turn neither of them had expected.

Bodil Jørgensen and Søren Malling play Kjeld and Vibeke, and the supporting cast includes Miri Ann Beuschel, Elliott Crosset Hove and Anton Honik.

Christoian Tafdrup wrote the script, Maria von Hausswolff the film's cinematographer, Anne Østerud editor and Peter Schultz sound designer. The film is produced by Thomas Heinesen for Nordisk Film with support from the Danish Film Institute's talent scheme New Danish Screen.


"BUGS". Photo: Andreas Johnsen

Andreas Johnsen, whose previous documentaries include "Kidd Life" and "Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case," now investigates whether insects are the new superfood that will fix all our problems of global food security.

For the past three years a team from Copenhagen-based Nordic Food Lab, made up of chefs and researchers Josh Evans, Ben Reade and Roberto Flore, has been travelling the world to learn what some of the two billion people who already eat insects have to say. In "BUGS," Andreas Johnsen follows them as they forage, farm, cook and taste insects with communities in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Kenya, Japan and beyond. Throughout the team’s experiences and conversations in the field, at the lab, at farm visits and international conferences, some hard questions start to emerge. If industrially produced insects become the norm, will they be as delicious and as beneficial as the ones in diverse, resilient ecosystems and cuisines around the world? And who will actually benefit as insects are scaled up? Are insects a mirror that reflects our broken food systems, or the silver bullet that will fix them?

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Menno Boerema and Per Sandholt are editors and Philip Nicolai Flindt sound designer on "BUGS." The film is produced by Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær for Rosforth and Danish Documentary with support from the Danish Film Institute. Rosforth is the domestic distributor, and Autlook Filmsales handles international sales.

The premiere at Tribeca will be followed by a Q&A and a party where guests will get to taste food and drinks with an insect twist.

Final Cut, Bullitt and Bier

Signe Byrge Sørensen from Final Cut for Real has co-produced the Dutch director Johan Grimonprez' documentary "Shadow World," about the arms industry. The American-Danish co-production is selected for the Spotlight section. Per K. Kirkegaard is editor and Karsten Fundal composer.

Susanne Bier will attend Tribeca along with actor Tom Hiddleston for a conversation about and screening of the British-Spanish BBC-AMC series "The Night Manager," her directorial TV debut. The conversation is part of the festival's new TV programming section, Tribeca Tune In.

Finally, Hind Bensari's Danish-produced documentary "Weight Throwers" will be pitching at the Tribeca Film Festivals Networking Market. The film, which is currently in development, follows a Moroccan Paralympics team fighting against all odds to get into the Olympics in Rio 2016. "Weight Throwers" is a Danish-Tunesian-Norwegian co-production with Vibeke Vogel from Bullitt Film as the Danish producer. Expected release in spring 2017.

Tribeca Film Festival (13.-24. April)