Andreas Johnsen

(1974 – )

Director. Born 26 June 1976. Self-taught filmmaker. Since 2003 Johnsen has directed, produced and financed his films from start to end.

Johnson has a focus on social issues and differences in the world and is curious about artists, especially in third world countries, and how they manage to develop and produce their art, often under extreme circumstances.

Renowned for "Murder" (2009), the story of at-risk women suffering under Nicaragua's strict ban on abortion. Combining issues of human rights and art, "Ai Weiwei The Fake Case" (2013) brings us close up to dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Title Year Function Category
BUGS 2016 Direction, Screenplay DK/Documentary
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case 2013 Direction, Cinematographer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Kidd life 2012 Direction, Cinematographer, Producer DK/Documentary
A kind of paradise 2011 Direction, Cinematography, Producer DK/Documentary
Murder 2009 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Producer, Sound effects DK/Documentary
Natasja 2008 Direction, Producer DK/Documentary
Man ooman 2008 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Good copy, bad copy 2007 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Curtain raising - musicians in East Africa 2006 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Inside outside 2005 Direction, Cinematography, Producer DK/Documentary
Mr. Catra - o fiel 2004 Direction, Cinematography, Producer DK/Documentary
Thomas Christensen 2002 Direction, Cinematographer, Editor DK/Documentary
Kys mor, skat! 1990 David, hendes søn DK/Short fiction