Good copy, bad copy

59 min.DK/Documentary

The film vividly displays the global dillemmas of copyright law. Who really owns what? And what is the purpose of copyright? GOOD COPY BAD COPY travels alongside Gnarls Barkley's mega-hit 'Crazy'
to northern Brazil for a local reflavouring and back to remix virtuoso Girl Talk in Pittsburgh. In Sweden, Hollywood henchmen and 'Pirate Bay' followers clash, while in African movie capital 'Nollywood' in Nigeria noone worries about copyright or "piracy". Until now.
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Original title Good copy, bad copy
Danish title Good copy, bad copy
Keywords Copyright, Music
Director Ralf Christensen, Henrik Moltke, Andreas Johnsen
Director of Photography Andreas Johnsen
Editor Adam Nielsen
Production country Denmark
Production company Rosforth
Technical info color, Sound


Production company Rosforth


Direction Ralf Christensen
Direction Henrik Moltke
Direction Andreas Johnsen


Cinematography Andreas Johnsen


Editing Adam Nielsen

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