Pow! Right in the Face

KARLOVY VARY. Having sent a poor young man into a tailspin among hardened criminals in his prison movie "R", Michael Noer is back with a new film about youthful restlessness and manhood. "Northwest" is a film with no filling in or explaining. It’s "pure film, pure energy," the director says to Danish critic Per Juul Carlsen.

Some use the down-to-earth term "movies." The French favour the loftier "the seventh art." Others call it the art of "illusion" or "magic." Director Michael Noer has another moniker for film.

"Film is the art of the groin," he says with a look like he just made a normal statement. "Film is POW! in your face. It’s physical."

Michael Noer likes to communicate directly and (...)"

Read full interview in FILM Berlin Digital Issue 2013

"Northwest" by Michael Noer is selected for Karlovy Vary, 28 June-6 July 2013.