Scandinavian Star – new true crime series about unsolved murder case

PREMIERE. 30 years after disaster struck on the Scandinavian Star ferry, a documentary series explores the story of the biggest murder mystery in modern Scandinavian history. 

After more than four years of research, director Mikala Krogh, journalist Lars Halskov and screenwriter Nikolaj Scherfig are ready to premiere their documentary series 'Scandinavian Star', which over six episodes explores the arson, to this day unsolved, on the MS Scandinavian Star.

The fire broke out on the night of 7 April 1990, as the passenger ferry was sailing from Oslo to Frederikshavn in Northern Denmark, causing the death of 159 people.

'Scandinavian Star' delves into the stories of the people affected by the disaster, the authorities' attempts to solve the case and the political power game, as well as 30 years of speculations and theories about the tragedy. The series uncovers new information and brings interviews with key persons that have never before made public comments. 

Documentarian Mikala Krogh has directed the series based on research by journalist Lars Halskov and a screenplay by Nikolaj Scherfig and Krogh. 

'Scandinavian Star' is produced by Sigrid Dyekjær from Danish Documentary, who was also behind the Danish Oscar-nominated 'The Cave', and Thomas Heinesen from Nordisk Film, in co-production with DR, NRK in Norway and TV4 in Sweden. 

The series is supported by the Danish Film Institute, the West Danish Film Fund, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, the Norwegian Film Institute and Copenhagen Film Fund. World sales are handled by LevelK.

Enjoying a joint Scandinavian release, the series premieres on Norway's NRK on 8 March, on Denmark's DR on 9 March and on Sweden's TV4 on 2 April.