Casper Tybjerg

Associate professor, Department of media, cognition and communication, University of Copenhagen.

Casper Tybjerg is Associate Professor, Ph.D., at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. He has written the chapter on Danish sound cinema in Storia del cinema mondiale (ed. Gian Piero Brunetta, 1999-2001) and a number of articles on film history, particularly Carl Theodor Dreyer and his films, in Film History, Aura, and various anthologies. He has recorded English-language audio commentaries for DVD editions of Dreyer’s films Michael, La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc and Day of Wrath and for Benjamin Christensen’s Häxan. For the U.S. and U.K. DVD edition of Dreyer’s Vampyr, he has written and recorded the visual essay “Rise of the Vampire”. He has also helped arrange the exhibition “The Magic of Images: Hammershøi / Dreyer,” held at the Ordrupgaard art museum in 2006/2007.