1 minuutje natuur – Eekhoorn

Stefanie Visjager, Katinka Baehr, Netherlands, 2016

1 min.DocumentaryChildren's films, Animation

Last week a squirrel came by every day. I could see him from my room, because his tree is right across from my window. I got to know him a little. He moves his tail all the time.
I opened the window once and called him. He stuck his little head out of the hole. He doesn’t really have a name. Maybe I’ll call him Spot, because he’s got black spots.
Then I can call him. Like: “Spot, come here!” That way he’ll get used to his name, and he might listen better.
Basic information Credits
Original title 1 minuutje natuur – Eekhoorn
Danish title 1 minut natur - Egernet
Part of 1 Minute of Nature
Keywords Animals, Squirrels, Imagination, Nature
Director Stefanie Visjager, Katinka Baehr
Producer Stefanie Visjager
Director of Photography Lotte van DIjck
Production country Netherlands
Online release 03.04.2018
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company
Executive Producer Radiomakers Desmet productions


Direction Stefanie Visjager
Direction Katinka Baehr


Producer Stefanie Visjager


Cinematographer Lotte van DIjck


Sound Maartje Duin
Sound Bente Hamel
Sound Marije Schuurman Hess


Animator Kris Kobes

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