1 minuutje natuur – Poesje

Stefanie Visjager, Katinka Baehr, Netherlands, 2016

1 min.Documentary

I was lying in my bed when my cat started to bite my head... I woke up and looked at her... she was lying with her head under my pillow... She looked like she was really in pain.
Then I heard a very soft sound. I think it was a newborn kitten. The sound was squeaky and soft. And then I got all nervous, and my blanket was on the floor, and I saw all these kittens and like these bits of placenta too...
And you could see my cat and she was licking her kittens and it was red and bloody and everything.
Then I had to move to another bed... But my cat looked really happy.
Basic information Credits
Original title 1 minuutje natuur – Poesje
Danish title 1 minut natur - Kattekillinger
Part of 1 Minute of Nature
Keywords Pets, Cats, Births, Nature
Director Stefanie Visjager, Katinka Baehr
Producer Stefanie Visjager
Director of Photography Lotte van DIjck
Production country Netherlands
Online release 03.04.2018
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company
Executive Producer Radiomakers Desmet productions


Direction Stefanie Visjager
Direction Katinka Baehr


Producer Stefanie Visjager


Cinematographer Lotte van DIjck


Sound Maartje Duin
Sound Bente Hamel
Sound Marije Schuurman Hess


Animator Kris Kobes

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