Mr. Freeman

Mads Matthiesen, Denmark, 2023

93 min.DK/Feature

When the lonely teenager Simone starts an online relationship with a sweet and handsome Ghanesian man called Freeman, she persuades her reluctant parents to let him visit for a few weeks. As Simone’s involvement with Freeman grows, the reluctance of her family increases, and Simone’s rebellion snowballs into an avalanche which threatens to tear the family apart forever.
Basic information Credits
Original title Mr. Freeman
Danish title Mr. Freeman
Director Mads Matthiesen
Screenplay Mads Matthiesen
Producer Jonas Bagger
Appearance Lina Lund Jørgensen, Daouda Keita, Mia Lyhne, Nicolas Bro
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S
Danish theatrical release 11.01.2024
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Zentropa, Zentropa Entertainments3
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S


Direction Mads Matthiesen


Screenplay Mads Matthiesen


Producer Jonas Bagger


Appearance Lina Lund Jørgensen
Appearance Daouda Keita
Appearance Mia Lyhne
Appearance Nicolas Bro

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