Fantomforhold (Oversigt)

Rikke Kolding, Denmark, 2021

TV series

Allie is heartbroken, well at least that’s the diagnosis her doctor has given her with a good old Danish saying “time heals all wounds” as her treatment. But does it really? Allie wonders, isn’t sex, drugs and rock n roll the only real cure for heartache? A very confused Allie decides to join a heartache support group for broken hearts, for what seems to be a bunch of misfits. Ellen, the group therapist, believes in therapy which clashes with Allie’s “quick fix”-attitude, which inevitably devolves into a power struggle between the two. But what is she to do? She just wants the massive black void within herself filled again, will time heal that? Or will fucking her therapist’s boyfriend do the trick instead?
Basic information Credits
Original title Fantomforhold (Oversigt)
Danish title Fantomforhold (Oversigt)
Included titles Fantomforhold 1:7
Fantomforhold 2:7
Fantomforhold 3:7
Fantomforhold 4:7
Fantomforhold 5:7
Fantomforhold 6:7
Fantomforhold 7:7
Director Rikke Kolding
Screenplay Anna Juul
Producer Søs Thøstesen, Penelope Bjerregaard
Director of Photography Eddie Klint
Editor Karolina Bengtsson
Sound Peter Storm Wich
Composer Jenny Rossander
Production designer Signe Krab Nymann
Appearance Anna Bruus Christensen, Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, Peter Plaugborg
Production country Denmark
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Production company Blu A/S
With support from XEE, Public Service Puljen


Direction Rikke Kolding


Screenplay Anna Juul
Co-writer Rikke Kolding


Producer Søs Thøstesen
Producer Penelope Bjerregaard


Cinematographer Eddie Klint


Editor Karolina Bengtsson


Composer Jenny Rossander

Production design

Production designer Signe Krab Nymann


Key costumer Rebecca Sophia Morris Siggaard


Sound designer Peter Storm Wich

Visual effects

Colorist Olesya Kireeva


Allie Anna Bruus Christensen
Ellen Ann Eleonora Jørgensen
Chresten Peter Plaugborg

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