Nattens smil

Lulu Roos, Denmark, 2020

30 min.DK/DocumentaryYouth films

Lifelong friends Selma and Josefine live together in an apartment in Nørrebro, a bohemian part of Copenhagen. We follow them around town as they go about their daily lives. Selma plays classical harp and struggles to return to normal life after having been admitted to a psychiatric ward. Josefine has an all-consuming dream of making her breakthrough as an actress, but at the same time she suffers from bouts of hopelessness and despair. The film insists that we are all in a constant process of change and that perfection is but an illusion.
Basic information Credits
Original title Nattens smil
Danish title Nattens smil
Keywords Young women, Friendship, Mental disorders, Dreams of the future, 2020-2030
Director Lulu Roos
Screenplay Lulu Roos
Producer Emma Alicia Moon Winding
Director of Photography Christoffer Torp Vestergaard, Lulu Roos
Editor Laura Andrea Friis-Rasmussen
Sound Søren Elbek, Jason Lee Cameron
Composer Povl Kristian
Appearance Selma Trier, Josefine Stougaard Feldmann, Alice Esther Bier Zandén, Carla Eleonora Feigenberg
Production country Denmark
Online release 06.04.2021, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Danish Doc Production
With support from Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Lulu Roos
Consultant Ada Bligaard Søby
Consultant Alexander Lind
Consultant Suvi Andrea Helminen


Screenplay Lulu Roos


Producer Emma Alicia Moon Winding


Cinematographer Christoffer Torp Vestergaard
Cinematographer Lulu Roos


Editor Laura Andrea Friis-Rasmussen


Composer Povl Kristian


Sound designer Søren Elbek
Sound mixer Søren Elbek
Dialogue editor Guilherme Tortolo Magrin
Sound engineer Jason Lee Cameron
B-sound designer Sebastian Magee

Visual effects

Colourist Christoffer Torp Vestergaard


Appearance Selma Trier
Appearance Josefine Stougaard Feldmann
Appearance Alice Esther Bier Zandén
Appearance Carla Eleonora Feigenberg

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