My Sister and the Prince

Joachim Morre, Denmark, 2020

10 min.DK/Short fiction

Two sisters prepare in the hall of the castle as the prince awaits his suitresses. However, the procedure for the visit has changed and they must now do everything they can in order to get the older sister ready for the fateful meeting.
Basic information Credits
Original title Min søster og prinsen
Danish title Min søster og prinsen
Director Joachim Morre
Screenplay Joachim Morre
Producer Christian Lønhart
Director of Photography Søren Kahr
Editor Cathrine Odgaard
Sound Catrine le Dous, Mia Terry
Composer Johan Carøe
Production designer Camilla Lüders Weile
Appearance Asta August, Alba August, Pernille Hansen, Nanna Simone Harvald
Production country Denmark
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Production company Isaac Production


Direction Joachim Morre
Continuity Emilie Fabricius Hacke


Screenplay Joachim Morre


Producer Christian Lønhart
Unit manager Peter Gøtze Johansson
Production manager Sophus Langdal Königson
Production coordinator Mika Blem
Production assistant Malou Takibo
Executive producer Christian Lønhart
Executive producer Søren Kahr
Executive producer Joachim Morre


Cinematographer Søren Kahr
First assistant camera Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen
Steadicam Jonas Torp


Still photographer Niklas Vindelev

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Jacob Østergaard Johansson
Best boy David Edward Sizemore


Editor Cathrine Odgaard


Composer Johan Carøe

Production design

Production designer Camilla Lüders Weile
Set dresser Jonas Vibe Michelsen


Costume designer Line Langkjer
Costume designer Astrid Birk Hjuler


Chief makeup artist Stephanie Asi Brix
Hairdresser Camilla Tandrup Hansen
Makeup artist assistant Laura Pezzi


Sound designer Catrine le Dous
Sound engineer Mia Terry

Visual effects

Colorist Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen
Art work Per Spjøtvold


Choreographer Johanna Forsehag


Signe Asta August
Marie Alba August
Mor Pernille Hansen
Datter Nanna Simone Harvald
Bejler til prinsen Laura Vasegaard
Bejler til prinsen Frida Rødbroe Christensen
Dreng i haven Magnus Holmegaard Jørgensen
Dreng i haven Mikkel Holmegaard Jørgensen
Dreng i haven Johan Laurits Hänni Larsen

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