Poor Things

Joachim Morre, Denmark, 2019

18 min.DK/Short fiction

One day, Ronja is being followed by an unknown woman. The experience sparks off her interest and she is instantly drawn towards the mystery surrounding the stranger and her actions. To her regret, she is not the only one being followed by the woman.
Basic information Credits
Original title Stakler
Danish title Stakler
Director Joachim Morre
Screenplay Joachim Morre, Rasmus Daugbjerg
Producer Sidsel Filipsen
Director of Photography Søren Kahr
Editor Joachim Morre
Sound Ida Skjerk, Catrine le Dous, Stefan Leissner, Joachim Nyholm
Production designer Axel Schlosser
Appearance Rosalinde Mynster, Mathias Skov Rahbæk, Ellen Hillingsø, Bo Carlsson
Production country Denmark
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Production company Isaac Production


Direction Joachim Morre
Continuity Emilie Fabricius Hacke


Screenplay Joachim Morre
Screenplay Rasmus Daugbjerg


Producer Sidsel Filipsen
Production manager Sophus Langdal Königson
Production coordinator Anne-Sofie Rudolph Christensen
Unit manager Pelle Gøtze Johansson
Associate producer Christian Lønhart
Executive producer Christian Lønhart
Executive producer Søren Kahr
Executive producer Joachim Morre


Cinematographer Søren Kahr
First assistant camera Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Sebastian Lyding
Assistant lighting technician Lasse Gudmand-Høyer
Assistant lighting technician Oscar Wad


Editor Joachim Morre
B-editor Søren Kahr
Editing supervisor Michael Aaglund

Production design

Production designer Axel Schlosser


Costume on set Aida Rønvik
Costume on set Garance Chaunsigaud-Fargepallet


Makeup artist Freja Riise
Makeup artist Katarzyna Theus


Sound engineer Ida Skjerk
Sound designer Catrine le Dous
Sound designer Stefan Leissner
Sound designer Joachim Nyholm

Visual effects

Colorist Lasse Selvli
Graphic design Ditte Trudslev Jensen


Ronja Rosalinde Mynster
David Mathias Skov Rahbæk
Davids mor Ellen Hillingsø
Davids far Bo Carlsson
Fotograf/ukendt kvinde Garance Chaunsigaud-Fargepallet
Café-ansat Karla Løkke

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