Stefan Pellegrini, Denmark, 2020

29 min.DK/Short fiction

Anna’s boyfriend has broken up with her and has found a new girlfriend. Her world is left shattered and she has hit a wall artistically as well, which prevents her from painting. Anna thinks that she can win back her ex, if her art is exhibited and therefore sets heaven and earth in commotion for this to succeed. What Anna doesn’t know is that an otherworldly power has embodied her. A power which grants her creativity at the expense of her humanity. Slowly but steady Anna moves away from being human, and further and further into the darkness to get her ex back, whatever it takes.
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Original title Hunger
Danish title Hunger
Director Stefan Pellegrini
Screenplay Christian Pedersen
Producer Stefan Pellegrini, Asbjørn Høgstad Kelstrup
Director of Photography André Hansen
Editor Mira Thu
Sound Denis Lundgren Eliassen, Emil Salling
Composer Alexander Bossen
Production designer Petrine Clausen
Production country Denmark
Production company Zentropa, Dionysus Media
International sales
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Production company Zentropa, Dionysus Media


Direction Stefan Pellegrini
Director Christopher Krøyer Magelund


Screenplay Christian Pedersen


Producer Stefan Pellegrini
Producer Asbjørn Høgstad Kelstrup
Production manager Stefan Svendsen
Unit manager Stefan Pellegrini


Cinematographer André Hansen


Gaffer Matthew David Burnett


Editor Mira Thu


Composer Alexander Bossen


Production designer Petrine Clausen


Sound engineer Denis Lundgren Eliassen
Sound designer Emil Salling
Sound mixer Emil Salling

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