Killing Stacy

Liva Haue, Alexander Sørensen, Denmark, 2019

25 min.DK/Short fiction

Marcus is the guitarist and leading force behind struggling rock band, Killing Stacy. On the night of their biggest gig yet, everything is falling apart and Marcus is desperately trying to save the show. Unbeknownst to his band mates, Marcus has gotten an offer to join a highly successful band if he plays an impressive show. Can Marcus overcome his band's dysfunctional nature and pull off their best gig to date, all in order to leave his friends behind?
Basic information Credits
Original title Killing Stacy
Danish title Killing Stacy
Director Liva Haue, Alexander Sørensen
Screenplay Liva Haue, Alexander Sørensen
Producer Amalie Lintrup, Liva Haue, Alexander Sørensen
Director of Photography Robin Holtz
Editor Laurits Eg Sindberg
Sound Jakob Ranum, Alexander Sørensen
Production designer Camilla Lüders Weile
Casting Emilie Ravn Rosling
Appearance Marco Marc, Marie-Louise Damgaard, Bastian Bertelsen, Stefan David
Production country Denmark
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Production company
With support from Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Liva Haue
Direction Alexander Sørensen
Continuity Jakob Leifer Ravnsmose
Casting Emilie Ravn Rosling


Screenplay Liva Haue
Screenplay Alexander Sørensen
Consultant Ulaa Salim
Consultant Martin Strange-Hansen
Consultant Anneli Søgård-Høyer


Producer Amalie Lintrup
Producer Liva Haue
Producer Alexander Sørensen
Unit manager Maria Rasmussen
Production assistant Emilie Ravn Rosling


Cinematographer Robin Holtz
First assistant camera Mike Potton
Gaffer Jonathan Damborg
DIT Rasmus Rask


Editor Laurits Eg Sindberg

Production design

Production designer Camilla Lüders Weile


Costume on set Ida Hagensen


Makeup artist Sofie Amelia Laulund


Sound recordist Martin Svane
Sound designer Jakob Ranum
Sound designer Alexander Sørensen
Additional sound Magnus Av Reyni Dinesen

Visual effects

Colourist Lasse Selvli


Stunt coordinator Micki Stoltt


Marcus Marco Marc
Mina Marie-Louise Damgaard
Bastian Bastian Bertelsen
Andreas Stefan David
Ada Bach Filippa Rye Rønhof
DJ Stalker Kasper Løfvall Stensbirk
Louise Emilie Ravn Rosling
Kasper Kasper Lindved Jensen
Johnny Lars Ljungdahl
Scenechef Rasmus Rask

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