Cross Your Heart

15 min.DK/Short fiction

Hanna's big brother Ivan is her best friend, but now he's all grown up and wants to move to the big city. Hanna knows that their older brother Jens died of an overdose in the city, and is scared that she is about to lose another brother to the dangerous city. With a mother still grief stricken from losing her child, Hanna has to navigate this difficult time on her own and be brave, because sometimes that's all you can do. Cross Your Heart is based on a true story and explores the effect of grief in children through their eyes.
Basic information Credits
Original title Ama'r halshug
Danish title Ama'r halshug
Director Nikolaj Storgaard Mortensen
Screenplay Hanne Korvig
Producer Lovisa Dröfn
Director of Photography Jacob Østergaard Johansson
Editor Tine Lykke Jensen
Sound Otto Valentin Pedersen, Asger Midjord
Composer Lasse Aagaard
Production designer Inger Hohlweg
Appearance Vega Rodriguez Hansen, Christoffer Hvidberg Rønje, Puk Scharbou, Hanne Korvig
Production country Denmark
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Production company Pretentious Productions


Direction Nikolaj Storgaard Mortensen
Casting: children Kira Lund
Acting coach Amanda Radeljak


Screenplay Hanne Korvig


Producer Lovisa Dröfn
Production coordinator Laura Gasbjerg
Production coordinator Elizabeth Bendixen


Cinematographer Jacob Østergaard Johansson
2nd camera operator Julie Mørch Honoré
2nd camera operator Simon Christensen
First assistant camera Simon Christensen
First assistant camera Signe Edelboe Rasmussen
Camera assistant Mads Johansson
Steadicam Lars Nørlund
Gaffer Oscar Wad
Key grip Oskar Ditzl


Editor Tine Lykke Jensen


Composer Lasse Aagaard

Production design

Production designer Inger Hohlweg
Set dresser Denise Keller


Costume on set Louise Kongsted


Sound designer Otto Valentin Pedersen
Sound designer Asger Midjord

Visual effects

Colorist Mamoun Abufarha


Hanna Vega Rodriguez Hansen
Ivan Christoffer Hvidberg Rønje
Mor Puk Scharbou
Politi Hanne Korvig
Politi Shahin Hooshyar
Præst Espen Tøsse
Jens Jacob Østergaard Johansson

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