Roller Girls Beirut

René Odgaard, Denmark, 2021

23 min.DK/Documentary

It is hard to be angry or sad when you are on wheels, and that is exactly how Elisabeth rolls when she plays the aggressive contact sport Roller Derby. Through this sport Elisabeth has found something she has been missing in her life; a place with the freedom to be herself and the tomboy she has always been. A place to play rough, be sweaty and bruised and to discover that you can do much more than you think. Elisabeth has decided to share all of this with other women and therefore she goes to Beirut to start a Roller Derby team. This choice, though, is not without its challenges. In Beirut it is not normal for women to play sports and especially not physically rough sports on roller skates.
Basic information Credits
Original title Roller Girls Beirut
Danish title Roller Girls Beirut
Director René Odgaard
Director of Photography René Odgaard, Anne-Katrine Hansen, Elisbeth Frydensberg Wolffhechel, Karima Al Gelany
Editor René Odgaard
Production country Denmark
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Production company Odense Filmværksted, Fusentast Film


Direction René Odgaard


Cinematographer René Odgaard
Cinematographer Anne-Katrine Hansen
Cinematographer Elisbeth Frydensberg Wolffhechel
Cinematographer Karima Al Gelany


Editor René Odgaard


Sound mixer Troels Fløe Kristensen

Visual effects

Colourist René Odgaard

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