Hektor Bille Hornsleth, Denmark, 2021

13 min.DK/Short fiction

Transit tells a story about grief and loss. We follow Christel, a seemingly confused and lonely woman in her late twenties, who works at an art gallery. One day a man, who frequently visits the gallery, shows interest in Christel and attempts to ask her out. He is very persistent and the situation provokes difficult memories from Christel’s childhood. She starts acting irrationally and in search of some sort of redemption from the past, she seeks out her abusive father. Christel follows her father to find out where he lives and at night, while he sleeps, she enters his house. As she watches him lay peacefully in his bed, Christel contemplates ending his life or letting him live with the guilt.
Basic information Credits
Original title Transit
Danish title Transit
Director Hektor Bille Hornsleth
Producer Simon A. B. Olsen, Hektor Bille Hornsleth
Director of Photography Simon Christiansen
Appearance Clara Ellegaard, Mads M. Nielsen, Julie Wieth, Thomas Kirk
Production country Denmark
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Production company Zentropa Productions2, Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Hektor Bille Hornsleth


Producer Simon A. B. Olsen
Producer Hektor Bille Hornsleth


Cinematographer Simon Christiansen


Christel Clara Ellegaard
Søren Mads M. Nielsen
Terese Julie Wieth
Mand Thomas Kirk

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