Sofie Rødtnes Markussen, Denmark, 2022

24 min.DK/Short fiction

Safa is a preschooler in the kindergarten “The Little Moon House”. She lives with her mother and father – a middle class family - in the city of Randers in Denmark. One day she is approached by Ludvig (5) who has something to show her, something that is of great importance to him. Hidden within a hollow tree. Here she discovers his treasures of dinosaurs, empty chocolate wrapping, a broken key, and other things. Ludvig presents Safa with a choice; they can share the hollow tree and its treasure if she brings something as well. Safa is excited about the blooming new friendship, and she knows what to steal - the beautiful marble ball from the cabinet. Later that day the caretaker Martin mentions that things are missing from the kindergarten – toys and more specific, the big dinosaurs. Martin asks the children to look after it, and explains that stealing is wrong. Safa gets desperate; has she done something wrong? Is she supposed to rat Ludvig out? And what will Ludvig do if she does?
Basic information Credits
Original title Marble
Danish title Marble
Director Sofie Rødtnes Markussen
Screenplay Anna Skov, Sofie Rødtnes Markussen
Producer Jonathan Langelund
Director of Photography Rie Skou
Editor Jarivan Ahmad
Composer Ida Skjerk, Rune Lak Rasmussen
Production designer Liv Svane
Casting Mark Butler
Production country Denmark
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Production company New Tales


Direction Sofie Rødtnes Markussen
Casting Mark Butler


Screenplay Anna Skov
Screenplay Sofie Rødtnes Markussen


Producer Jonathan Langelund
Executive producer Mette Mikkelsen
Junior producer Fie Emilie Jørgensen
Production manager Fie Emilie Jørgensen


Cinematographer Rie Skou


Editor Jarivan Ahmad


Composer Ida Skjerk
Composer Rune Lak Rasmussen

Production design

Production designer Liv Svane


Sound Benjamin Kamp Rozilio
Sound Rune Lak Rasmussen

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