When mountains cry

Lena Milovic, Denmark, 2022

DK/Short fiction

Heavily pregnant and in the early summer heat, Mina has wandered up into the Montenegrin mountains in search of answers to the problems she is facing with her partner, Daniel. She longs for him, but she is full of doubt. A woman in the mountains tells her to find a dying tree and cure it by tying yarn around it – doing so will give her clarity, the woman says. On the way to the dying trees, Mina reflects on her relationship with Daniel. The task is challenging and puts Mina to the test, but the journey gives her a break from home with Daniel and all the noise of past events with him. She finds the silence and peace of mind she’s been missing, and finally she is once again able to see her own life and Daniel in a clear light.
When Mountains Cry is a fairy tale about stormy love, about being destroyed and about the heavy journey of letting go of your lover when you recognize his violence.
Basic information Credits
Original title Bjergets tårer
Danish title Bjergets tårer
Director Lena Milovic
Screenplay Kasper Schlüter
Producer Melanie Dastmalchi, Sidsel Filipsen
Director of Photography Hanna Marie Biørnstad
Editor Ogi Curcic
Sound Jakob Strandgaard, Peter Storm Wich, Giulio Conversi
Composer Mija Milovic
Production designer Camilla Silvana Navarro Howalt, Sofie Bonde Lenau
Appearance Marijana Jankovic, Magnus Krepper, Dragana Milutinovic
Production country Denmark, Montenegro
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Production company Isaac Production
Co-production KA productions
In collaboration with Nordisk Film, Nordisk Film Fonden, Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Lena Milovic


Screenplay Kasper Schlüter


Producer Melanie Dastmalchi
Producer Sidsel Filipsen
Co-producer Katarina Kastratovic
Unit manager Simon Greir
Executive producer Christian Lønhart
Executive producer Søren Kahr
Executive producer Joachim Morre


Cinematographer Hanna Marie Biørnstad

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Jovan Zajic


Editor Ogi Curcic


Composer Mija Milovic

Production design

Production designer Camilla Silvana Navarro Howalt
Production designer Sofie Bonde Lenau


Costume designer Sofie Bonde Lenau


Sound designer Jakob Strandgaard
Sound designer Peter Storm Wich
Sound engineer Giulio Conversi


Appearance Marijana Jankovic
Appearance Magnus Krepper
Appearance Dragana Milutinovic

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