August Aabo, Denmark, 2023

DK/Short fictionFilm school films

Albert and Sixten are getting married. Today.
The only problem is that if they were completely honest with each other, they shouldn’t even be a couple anymore. Frictions arise on the morning of the wedding, and suddenly, it's obvious that something is utterly wrong.
Through a series of brutal and absurd situations, Albert and Sixten unravel all the problems they have been hiding in their relationship. But is it enough to save them and their relationship?
Heartbreak is an intense and poetic tale of break-up, love, hate and everything in between.
Basic information Credits
Original title Heartbreak
Danish title Heartbreak
Director August Aabo
Screenplay August Aabo, Andrea Winding
Producer Asta Stuhr, Julie Carla Mortensen
Director of Photography Kristoffer Engholm Aabo
Editor Ogi Curcic
Sound Tobias Lukassen
Composer Ida Duelund
Production designer Mikkel Rostrup
Appearance Adam Ild Rohweder, Anton Øberg Hjejle, Peter Gantzler, Petrine Agger
Production country Denmark
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Production company Super16, Tall and Small
With support from Nordisk Film Fonden, Danske Dramatikere, Filmværkstedet/København
In collaboration with Nordisk Film


Direction August Aabo


Screenplay August Aabo
Screenplay Andrea Winding


Producer Asta Stuhr
Producer Julie Carla Mortensen
Unit manager Theodor Garnæs Kramer Engen


Cinematographer Kristoffer Engholm Aabo


Editor Ogi Curcic


Composer Ida Duelund

Production design

Production designer Mikkel Rostrup


Sound designer Tobias Lukassen


Appearance Adam Ild Rohweder
Appearance Anton Øberg Hjejle
Appearance Peter Gantzler
Appearance Petrine Agger
Appearance Vibeke Hastrup

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