Det ottende sakramente

Jahfar Muataz, Denmark, 2021

23 min.DK/Short fiction

The Catholic priest William has devoted his life to the church and God after a hard upbringing. Prior to the funeral of a young woman, William is approached by the deceased's father Torben, who confesses disturbing sins he has committed during his daughter's childhood. A suspicion of abuse overwhelms William, and when he learns that Torben must now take care of his granddaughter after his daughter's death, a race against time begins.
Basic information Credits
Original title Det ottende sakramente
Danish title Det ottende sakramente
Director Jahfar Muataz
Screenplay Frederik Rye Nielsen, Jahfar Muataz
Producer Asta Stuhr, Julie Carla Mortensen
Director of Photography Anthon Falkenstrøm Tougaard
Editor Jacob Løgstrup
Appearance Rasmus Hammerich, Henrik Prip
Production country Denmark
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Production company
Executive Producer Tall and Small, Hyæne Film
With support from Filmværkstedet/København, Danske Dramatikere, Valby Lokaludvalg, Køge Kommune, Kapitel1
In collaboration with Super16, Nordisk Film, Nordisk Film Fonden, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Producent Rettigheder Danmark


Direction Jahfar Muataz


Screenplay Frederik Rye Nielsen
Screenplay Jahfar Muataz


Producer Asta Stuhr
Producer Julie Carla Mortensen


Cinematographer Anthon Falkenstrøm Tougaard


Editor Jacob Løgstrup


Appearance Rasmus Hammerich
Appearance Henrik Prip

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