With A Coarse File And A Piece Of Iron

Bent Staalhøj, Denmark, 1985

34 min.DK/Documentary

A blacksmith's life with clocks. Hans Peter Jensen was apprenticed to a blacksmith. Even though he never finished his apprenticeship, he ended up as an engineer with a large cold store. Apart from his wife, his whole life was devoted to making very fine grandfather clocks, from the tiniest screw to the exquisite wooden cabinet.
Basic information Credits
Original title Med en grovfil og et stykke jern
Danish title Med en grovfil og et stykke jern
Other titles Arbejderliv i Danmark 1
Director Bent Staalhøj
Director of Photography Bent Staalhøj, Franco Invernizzi
Editor Bent Staalhøj, Franco Invernizzi
Sound Bent Staalhøj, Franco Invernizzi, Bent Staalhøj, Franco Invernizzi
Production country Denmark
Technical info color, Sound
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Production company DOK-Film, Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Bent Staalhøj


Cinematography Bent Staalhøj
Cinematography Franco Invernizzi


Editing Bent Staalhøj
Editing Franco Invernizzi


Sound Bent Staalhøj
Sound Franco Invernizzi
Sound Bent Staalhøj
Sound Franco Invernizzi

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