The tweetlings

Tone Tarding, Denmark, 2009

20 min.Series (fiction)Children's films, Animation

Four short films about Sille and Saxe, two chicks barely out of the fledgling stage. They live in a forest full of surprises but one that is safe all the same. It is also home to Sniffy the Songbird, who always has a cold, and the cuckoo chicks who are always hungry. And Vigga Mouse who is in charge of her swarms of baby brothers and sisters; the baby stork who has become separated from his mama; the busy ants, and the water-loving frogs.
Basic information Credits
Original title Pipungerne (Oversigt)
Danish title Pipungerne (Oversigt)
Included titles The foundling
Mice in a row
The guard and the princess
Down by the riverside
Keywords Birds, Friendship
Director Tone Tarding
Screenplay Jan Vierth, Anders Sparring
Producer Marie Bro
Production country Denmark
Technical info 35 mm, 16:9, color, Dolby SR
Danish festival release 18.09.2009, Cinemateket, Buster Filmfestival for børn og unge 2009
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Pip & Co.


Direction Tone Tarding


Script Jan Vierth
Script Anders Sparring


Producer Marie Bro

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