Evening Land

Peter Watkins, Denmark, 1977

113 min.DK/Feature

England's ever-controversial Peter Watkins ("The War Game", 1966) wrote and directed this fictitious documentary in Denmark during actual ongoing military manoeuvres. He visualizes a state that is coming apart at the seams as people take to the streets in an ouverture to civil war. The government has the army move in when more sinister events occur, approaching anarchy, to prompt even more totalitarian measures.
Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title Aftenlandet
Danish title Aftenlandet
Director Peter Watkins
Screenplay Peter Watkins, Poul Martinsen, Carsten Clante
Director of Photography Joan Churchill, Fritz Schrøder
Editor Peter Watkins, Jeff McBride
Sound Søren Tom-Petersen, Svend Nørgaard
Composer Anders Koppel
Production designer Poul Christiansen
Casting Erik Brandt Eriksen, Anne Clavering
Appearance Bent Andersen, Bent Ove Andersen, Mogens Andersen, Jørgen Esping
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution ASA-Panorama
Technical info 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 21.02.1977
Cinemas Slagelse, Randers, Århus, Aalborg, Grand
Find more Carsten Clante og Gitte Sønderborg: Aftenlandet set fra Pilestræde. Levende Billeder 2/1977.
Ebbe Preisler: Lov og orden? Levende Billeder 4/1976.
Keld Ravn: "Jeg skal jo ikke være noget orakel". Interview med Peter Watkins. Levende Billeder 1/1977.
Jesper Tang: Aftenlandet. Kosmorama 134/1977.
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 12
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Production company 1980 Film
Domestic distribution ASA-Panorama


Direction Peter Watkins
Assistant director Nele Rue
Continuity Hanne Friberg
Casting Erik Brandt Eriksen
Casting Anne Clavering


Script Peter Watkins
Script Poul Martinsen
Script Carsten Clante


Production Ebbe Preisler
Production Jeff McBride
Production Steen Herdel
Production Ib Tardini
Production Peter Lorenzen


Cinematography Joan Churchill
Cinematography Fritz Schrøder


Still photographer Morten Bo

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Per Jørgensen
Electrical dept. Manuel Sellner


Editing Peter Watkins
Editing Jeff McBride


Music Anders Koppel

Production design

Production designer Poul Christiansen
Props Erik Petersen
Props Erling Jørgensen
Props John Johansen
Props Kristoffer Nyholm


Wardrobe Gunnel Nilsson
Wardrobe Birthe Qualmann
Wardrobe Mariann Preisler


Makeup Kirsten Guldbrandsen


Sound Søren Tom-Petersen
Sound Svend Nørgaard
Sound mixer Kjell Westman


Appearance Bent Andersen
Appearance Bent Ove Andersen
Appearance Mogens Andersen
Appearance Jørgen Esping
Appearance Kai Schønning Andersen
Appearance Oluf Andersen
Appearance Patricia Bay Andersen
Appearance Steen Andersen
Appearance Villy Andreasen
Appearance Peter O. Back
Appearance Niels Baden
Appearance Carsten Baess
Appearance Kent Bajer
Appearance Erling Barfoed
Appearance Peter Bay
Appearance Allan Beattie
Appearance Bengt Bengtsen
Appearance Bodil Bergmann
Appearance Poul Bergmann
Appearance Timme Bille
Appearance Ernst Blomjous
Appearance Helle Bo
Appearance Peter Boesen
Appearance Torben Boëtius
Appearance Aage Bonde
Appearance Merete Borker
Appearance Steen Bouet
Appearance Claus Bølling
Appearance Jon Bang Carlsen
Appearance Michael Christensen
Appearance Walther Christensen
Appearance Svend Christensen
Appearance Børge Christiansen
Appearance Carsten Clante
Appearance Jørgen Ebbehøj
Appearance Hjørdis Ecks
Appearance Walther Preben Egeklint
Appearance Dieter Eggers
Appearance Lars Engels
Appearance Ib Eriksen
Appearance Kjeld Eriksen
Appearance Rolf Falck-Jensen
Appearance Claus Fauerskov
Appearance J. Fornet
Appearance Arne Frederiksen
Appearance Peer Frederiksen
Appearance Morten From
Appearance Mette Fugl
Appearance Kit Goetz
Appearance Claus August van der Got
Appearance Carl Christian Gram
Appearance Lene Gram
Appearance Alexander Gruszynski
Appearance Niels Olaf Gudme
Appearance Søren Hall
Appearance Erik C. Hansen
Appearance C.P. Hansen
Appearance Nils Vilhelm Hansen
Appearance Marcel Henaff
Appearance Leif Hermansen
Appearance Lotte Hilden
Appearance Bjarne Hjulmand
Appearance Finn Holm
Appearance Jan Holm
Appearance Jan Holmberg
Appearance Patrick Howard
Appearance Frank Humlegård
Appearance Robert Hø
Appearance Franco Invernizzi
Appearance Hans Peter Jacobsen
Appearance Karl Jacobsen
Appearance Xenon Janusz
Appearance Bent Brøndum Jensen
Appearance Erik Dybdal Jensen
Appearance Erik Klint Jensen
Appearance Gert Kim Jensen
Appearance Jørgen B. Jensen
Appearance Kurt Højland Jensen
Appearance Poul Evald Jensen
Appearance Leif Christian Johansen
Appearance Svend Gulmann Johansen
Appearance Tommy Johansen
Appearance Kim Løvetand
Appearance Gertie Jung
Appearance Vilhelm Jung
Appearance Bent Raahauge Jørgensen
Appearance Børge E. Jørgensen
Appearance Flemming Jørgensen
Appearance René Jørgensen
Appearance Carl Jørn
Appearance Bjørn Kaupang
Appearance Kurt Kokholm
Appearance Hans Henrik Koltze
Appearance Birte Koppel
Appearance David Koppel
Appearance Peter Gøran Kreuger
Appearance Bo Vang Kristensen
Appearance Carl Johan Krogh
Appearance Torben Krogh
Appearance Walter Kurz
Appearance Benny Larsen
Appearance Hans Stendal Larsen
Appearance Helge Larsen
Appearance Jette Larsen
Appearance Jørn Larsen
Appearance Ole Nørgård Larsen
Appearance Aksel Larson
Appearance Kim B. Lausen
Appearance Erik Lauring
Appearance Jens Peter Lensborn
Appearance Uwe Lindemann
Appearance Preben Lous
Appearance Edevard Lyneborg
Appearance Hans Brinch Lyster
Appearance Kuno Malinowski
Appearance François Marchetti
Appearance Niels Marquard-Clausen
Appearance Poul Martinsen
Appearance Torben Maxsø
Appearance Knud Meldgaard
Appearance Antonio Morelli
Appearance Allan Mortensen
Appearance Vagn Munkholm
Appearance Bernhard Murphy
Appearance Åge Mustall
Appearance Alex Møller
Appearance Jytte Nielsen
Appearance Jørgen Skak Nielsen
Appearance Vagn Noach
Appearance Mette Nybo
Appearance Hans O. Ohlsen
Appearance Leon Kim Olsen
Appearance Louis Robert Olsen
Appearance Aksel Overgård
Appearance Jytte Ovesen
Appearance Henrik Palm
Appearance Johan Peter Paludan
Appearance René Erp
Appearance Werner Pedersen
Appearance Albert Petersen
Appearance André Petersen
Appearance Bent Petersen
Appearance Ditlev Petersen
Appearance Edvin Petersen
Appearance Erik Petersen
Appearance John Petersen
Appearance Kurt Max Petersen
Appearance Rodmind Petersen
Appearance Jette Løvetand
Appearance Svend Erik Reinke
Appearance Jess Ringvig
Appearance Kai Roe
Appearance Jørgen Rohde
Appearance Michael Rommedahl
Appearance Gunnar Sarvig
Appearance Jørgen Saxosen
Appearance Bill Schiffer
Appearance Poul Smidt
Appearance Erik Schneidelbach
Appearance Kjell Sellin
Appearance Hans Seltorp
Appearance Camilla Skousen
Appearance Hans Christian Sloth
Appearance Terkel Spangsbo
Appearance Vagn Sparre-Ulrich
Appearance Mik Steenberger
Appearance Ove Westphal Stephensen
Appearance Anne Strandvad
Appearance Bent Strange
Appearance Christian Sørensen
Appearance Jan Thomsen
Appearance Kim P. Thygesen
Appearance Ib Thykær
Appearance Keld Thystrup
Appearance Walter Tinnacher
Appearance Jens Trolle
Appearance Jens Urup
Appearance Knud Vaarning
Appearance Gorm Wagner
Appearance Frode Veddinge
Appearance Jørgen Vierø
Appearance Per Wilken
Appearance Richard Witt
Appearance Lise Worm
Appearance Allan Wrona
Appearance Lotte Wæver
Appearance John Zimmermann
Appearance Carl Madsen

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