Alle disse øjeblikke

Lise Roos, Denmark, 1993

44 min.DK/Documentary

A documentary poem which describes in a subtle and loyal tone the last period of life after you have grown old. The film focuses on a number of the problems with which life is connected in all its phases, but it does not emphasize the sad sides of old age - rather the unavoidable fact, and how its consequences with down-to-earth philosophy can become one of the substantial periods of life. »All These Moments« circles about a number of elderly people from different social classes. They give in their own way examples of qualities of life which you can find no matter how old you are, if you look for them.
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Original title Alle disse øjeblikke
Danish title Alle disse øjeblikke
Keywords Senior citizens, Old age, Quality of life, Denmark, 1990-1999
Director Lise Roos
Screenplay Lise Roos
Director of Photography Simon Plum
Editor Mikkel Bo
Sound Jens Bangsholt
Appearances Ninna Arnsig, Hilda Esberg, Tora Raknes, Kristine Reedtz Morris
Production country Denmark
Production company Prisme Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 481 meter, 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 12.05.1993
Cinemas Nationalmuseet
TV release 09.03.1994, DR
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Prisme Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Lise Roos


Script Lise Roos


Production manager Helge Robbert
Production assistant Jette Palsbo


Cinematography Simon Plum

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Edvard Friis-Møller
Electrical dept. Francois-Eric Grodin


Editing Mikkel Bo


Sound Jens Bangsholt


Appearance Ninna Arnsig
Appearance Hilda Esberg
Appearance Tora Raknes
Appearance Kristine Reedtz Morris
Appearance Tine Relsgaard
Appearance Ole Fini Thomas
Appearance Bjarne Jensen
Appearance Otto Krabbe
Appearance Werner Krøll
Appearance Eik Lysholt Brønsro

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