Anna Sophie Hedvig

Søren Melson, Denmark, 1975

97 min.TV film

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Original title Anna Sophie Hedvig
Danish title Anna Sophie Hedvig
Director Søren Melson
Screenplay Kjeld Abell
Production designer Sture Pyk
Appearance Astrid Villaume, Bodil Kjer, Gyrd Løfquist, Alice Thorlacius
Production country Denmark
TV release 05.10.1975, DR
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Production company DR [TV-Teaterafdelingen]


Direction Søren Melson


Script Kjeld Abell

Production design

Production design Sture Pyk


Appearance Astrid Villaume
Appearance Bodil Kjer
Appearance Gyrd Løfquist
Appearance Alice Thorlacius
Appearance Henning Jensen
Appearance Pernille Grumme
Appearance Solveig Sundborg
Appearance Bendt Rothe
Appearance Birgit Sadolin
Appearance Holger Juul Hansen
Appearance Steen Springborg
Appearance Anne Wedege
Appearance Annika Hoydal
Appearance Valsø Holm
Appearance Elin Reimer
Appearance Christiane Rohde
Appearance Jørn Rose
Appearance Hans Rostrup
Appearance Henry Büchmann

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Program - stumfilm & mikro
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