Araki - The Killing of a Japanese Photographer

Anders Morgenthaler, Denmark, 2002

8 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation, Film school films

Araki ¿ The Killing of a Japanese Photographer is a story about a psychotic man who tries to defend the honor of his deceased sister. He sees himself as the Avenger, who fights the rotten core of society. The rotten core is the sex industry, which also caused the death of his sister. The Avenger has singled out an extremist, the Japanese artist Araki as the main culprit. On his crusade against Araki, the Avenger kills innocent people, among others, his sister's daughter. When he finally faces supreme evil in the shape of Araki, his flaming hatred is gone, and he realizes that Araki just took pictures of naked girls.
Basic information Credits
Original title Araki - The Killing of a Japanese Photographer
Danish title Araki - The Killing of a Japanese Photographer
Other titles Afgangsfilm 2002
Director Anders Morgenthaler
Screenplay Anders Morgenthaler
Director of Photography Manuel Alberto Claro
Editor Adam Nielsen
Composer Andreas Thomsen
Appearance Chang II (Chapper) Kim, Jeanet Gjerka
Production country Denmark
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole


Direction Anders Morgenthaler


Script Anders Morgenthaler


Production David C.H. Østerbøg


Cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro


Editing Adam Nielsen


Music Andreas Thomsen


Voice Brian Patterson
Voice Rikke Hallund
Voice Niels Weyde
Voice Knud Andersen


Animation Mads Juul
Animation Rune Fisker


Appearance Chang II (Chapper) Kim
Appearance Jeanet Gjerka

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