The Seaside hotel

Ubekendt, Denmark, 1915

8 min.DK/FeatureFarce, ComedySilent films

When Gregoire and Lola go on a beach holiday to the idyllic Skagen, they don't know yet that the trip will be the end of their marriage. Gregoire may be wealthy, but he is many years older and several pounds heavier than his young wife, who's beauty makes all the male holiday guests turn their necks. Baron Plessen falls in love with Lola, and she quickly gets fond of the idea of replacing her corpulent husband with a handsome nobleman. Together, they plan to push Gregoire out of the picture.

The preserved material is a fragment.
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Original title Badehotellet
Danish title Badehotellet
Director Ubekendt
Screenplay Harriet Bloch
Director of Photography Poul Eibye
Appearances Mitzi Mathé, William Bewer, Edith Buemann Psilander, Einar Zangenberg
Production country Denmark
Production company Kinografen
Domestic distribution Kinografen
Technical info 1240 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 01.01.1915
Cinemas Kinografen


Production company Kinografen
Domestic distribution Kinografen


Direction Ubekendt


Script Harriet Bloch


Cinematography Poul Eibye


Sylvia, skuespillerinde Mitzi Mathé
Gregoire, fabrikant William Bewer
Lola, Gregoires kone Edith Buemann Psilander
Baron Plessen Einar Zangenberg

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