Biernes by

30 min.DK/DocumentaryChildren's films

Six-year-old Oliver and his friends join a beekeeper to talk about a year in the life of the honeybees. We follow the amazing world of bees way up close, from the bright, flowering outdoors to the highly organised, secret life inside the dark hive. The queen bee leaves the colony only once in her lifetime, and that is to mate. She is then able to lay one egg after the other for the rest of her days. We see the larvae and the nursing bees, along with the cleaning, building, gathering and dancing bees, plus the male drones. Bees feed on flowers' sweet nectar and pollen and they are always looking for fresh flowers. As they gather the nectar and pollen, they also pollinate the flowers so they can grow seeds and fruits. Bees have to visit a thousand flowers before they can bring just one drop of food home to the colony. It's been that way for millions and millions of years.
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Original title Biernes by
Danish title Biernes by
Keywords Animals, Insects, Nature, Bees, Honny bees
Director Bertel Torne Olsen, Laila Hodell
Screenplay Bertel Torne Olsen, Laila Hodell
Producer Cæcilie Nordgreen
Director of Photography Casper Høyberg
Sound Iben Haahr Andersen
Composer Minna Grooss
Appearances Bertel Torne Olsen
Production country Denmark
Production companies Frejas Børn
International sales DR International Sales / DR Byen / Emil Holms Kanal 20 / 0999 København C / t +45 3520 3040 / f +45 3520 3969 / drsales@dr.dk / www.drsales.dk
Festival information Danish Film Institute
TV release 01.03.2005, DR 1
Danish festival release 21.09.2009, Buster Filmfestival for børn og unge 2009. Workshop afholdt på Frederiksberg Bibliotek.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production companies Frejas Børn


Direction Bertel Torne Olsen
Direction Laila Hodell


Script Bertel Torne Olsen
Script Laila Hodell


Producer Cæcilie Nordgreen


Cinematography Casper Høyberg


Stills Casper Høyberg


Music Minna Grooss


Sound Iben Haahr Andersen


Appearance Bertel Torne Olsen

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Helsinki Doc Point Documentary Film Festival 2009-01-21
Odense Internationale Film Festival 2005-08-11
SilverDocs AFI Documentary Festival 2005-06-14
Zlin Int. Film Festival for Children & Youth 2005-05-29
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival 2005-04-26
Malmö, BUFF 2005-03-08
Amsterdam, IDFA 2004-11-18
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