The Snake Dancer

Alfred Lind, Denmark, 1912

43 min.DK/FeatureDramaSilent films

A bear tamer is hired by a traveling circus and soon gets married to a snake charmer. Not long after the wedding, the snake charmer gets involved in a variety show, and to the bear tamer’s horror, one evening he watches how she’s seduced by a rich man who takes her home.
Luckily, he has a furry, faithful squire who’s always ready to step in.
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Original title Bjørnetæmmeren
Danish title Bjørnetæmmeren
International titles Björntämjaren
Other titles Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus, Den flyvende cirkus
Director Alfred Lind
Screenplay Alfred Lind
Director of Photography Alfred Lind
Appearance Peter Fjelstrup, Lilli Beck, Alfred Lind, Richard Jensen
Production country Denmark
Technical info 1103 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 08.05.1912
Cinemas Victoria-Teatret
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Production company Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus


Direction Alfred Lind


Script Alfred Lind


Cinematography Alfred Lind


Levemand Peter Fjelstrup
Slangetæmmersken Ula-Kiri Maja Lilli Beck
Bjørnetæmmeren Alfred Lind
Dansemester Richard Jensen
Artist i cirkus Holger-Madsen

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