Joel Silberg, United States, 1984

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Basic information Credits
Original title Breakin'
Danish title Breakin' - the Street Dance
Director Joel Silberg
Screenplay Charles Parker, Allen DeBevoise, Gerald Scaife
Based on Fortælling af Charles Parker, Allen DeBevoise
Director of Photography Hanania Baer
Editor Mark Helfrich, Larry Bock, Gib Jaffe, Vincent Sklena
Sound Robert Minkler, Lee Minkler, Stuart Nelson, Frank McKelvey, Steve Nelson
Composer Gary Remal, Michael Boyd
Production designer Ivo G. Crisante, Julie Kaye Towery
Appearance Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" Quinones, Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chamber, Phineas Newborn III
Production country United States
Domestic distribution R.G.F.
Technical info Metrocolor
Danish theatrical release 29.06.1984
Cinemas Palads
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Production company Cannon Films
Domestic distribution R.G.F.


Direction Joel Silberg
Assistant director Matia A. Karell
Assistant director Carmi Zlotnik


Script Charles Parker
Script Allen DeBevoise
Script Gerald Scaife


Production Allen DeBevoise
Production David Zito
Executive producer Menahem Golan
Executive producer Yoram Globus
Production manager Pieter Jan Brugge
Production coordinator Nancy Quintano


Cinematography Hanania Baer


Editing Mark Helfrich
Editing Larry Bock
Editing Gib Jaffe
Editing Vincent Sklena


Music Gary Remal
Music Michael Boyd
Music: add. recordings Russ Regan
Music tapes Bob Randles

Production design

Production design Ivo G. Crisante
Production designer Julie Kaye Towery
Set dresser Batia Grafka


Wardrobe Dana Lyman


Sound Robert Minkler
Sound Lee Minkler
Sound Stuart Nelson
Sound Frank McKelvey
Sound Steve Nelson


Choreography Jaime Rogers


Appearance Lucinda Dickey
Appearance Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" Quinones
Appearance Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chamber
Appearance Phineas Newborn III
Appearance Christopher McDonald
Appearance Ben Lokey
Appearance Bruno Falcon
Appearance Timothy Solomon
Appearance Ana Sanchez
Appearance Tracey "Ice T" Marrow
Appearance Peter Bromilow
Appearance Eleanor Zee
Appearance Scott Cooper
Appearance Eb Lottimer
Appearance T.C. Laughlin
Appearance Ric Mancini
Appearance Lyla Grahm
Appearance Bea Silvern
Appearance Gwendolyn Brown
Appearance Andre Landzaat
Appearance Dalton Cathey
Appearance Larry Newberg
Appearance Lisa Freeman
Appearance Cody Jackson
Appearance Coco Rodriguez
Appearance Eddie Rodriguez
Appearance Che Garcia
Appearance Jimmy "Bic" Greene
Appearance Richard "C.M. Skate" Diaz
Appearance Ann Williams
Appearance Pablo Buenfil
Appearance Jeff "Kid Krash" Parker
Appearance Bruce "Loose Bruce" Smolanoff
Appearance Dwayne Ellis
Appearance David Terrell
Appearance Ben Perryman
Appearance Marcel A. Thomas
Appearance Adrienne Thomas
Appearance Kermit Richmond
Appearance Eric Batiste
Appearance Maurice "L'il Tuff" Miles
Appearance Phil Butista
Appearance Robert Diaz
Appearance David "One Armed Bandit" Smythe
Appearance Monique "Baby Legs" Payne
Appearance Jorge "Julian" Guzman
Appearance Mark "Kid Task" McDowell
Appearance Nick "Flair" Gonzales
Appearance Kevin "Crazy Legs" Kim
Appearance Jeffrey "Snake" Jamerson
Appearance Amy "Soda Pop" Golden
Appearance Chris Taylor
Appearance Byron "Crase" Marquez
Appearance Aaron "Quik Draw" Ferguson
Appearance Frank "Skidip" Orrall

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