The wedding photographer

Johan Bergenstråhle, Denmark, 1994

86 min.DK/Feature

After a life of camera-catching of stormy events around the world, Daniel seeks peace of mind in life as a wedding photographer, recording a small town's romantic highlights. He falls in love with vivacious Maria just as she, ironically, wants to get away from all this petit-bourgeois idyll. One day Tarik turns up, a friend from Daniel's revolutionary past, with plans for further revolutions.
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Original title Bryllupsfotografen
Danish title Bryllupsfotografen
Director Johan Bergenstråhle
Screenplay Dag Solstad
Director of Photography Erling Thurmann-Andersen
Editor Peter Englesson
Sound Morten Bøttzauw
Composer Pierre Dørge, Irene Becker
Production designer Tove Robert Rasmussen
Appearance Kurt Ravn, Nonny Sand, Ilse Rande, Kadhim Faraj
Production country Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Production company Such Much Movies
Domestic distribution Warner
International sales Nørgaard Films
Technical info 35 mm, 1,66:1 Widescreen, Kodak, Dolby SR
Danish theatrical release 19.09.1994
Cinemas Scala, Grand, Gladsaxe Bio samt 9 biografer uden for Storkøbenhavn<br>
Svensk premiere 23.9.1994.<br>
Norsk premiere 14.10.1994.
TV release 13.01.1997, DR 1
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Such Much Movies
Domestic distribution Warner


Direction Johan Bergenstråhle


Script Dag Solstad


Production Peter Nørgaard


Cinematography Erling Thurmann-Andersen


Editing Peter Englesson


Music Pierre Dørge
Music Irene Becker

Production design

Production design Tove Robert Rasmussen


Wardrobe Else Prangsgaard


Sound Morten Bøttzauw


Daniel Svare Kurt Ravn
Maria Galaxe Nonny Sand
Vera Ilse Rande
Tarik Kadhim Faraj
Max Anders Peter Bro
Christoffer Berg Niels Skousen
Ahmed Runi Lewerissa
Daniels mor Tove Maës

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