Katrine Glenhammer, Denmark, 2017

4 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation

Clara is at the cinema to watch a romantic classic by herself. In the hall she meets Christian who wants her attention. Clara is at first not interested in Christian but gets charmed by his teasing. Suddenly she finds herself in a popcorn fight while the movie is playing at the canvas. Christian falls between some rows of chairs, and as Clara helps him up the two stands close together. Just before their lips are about to meet Christian watches the end of the film, where the man and woman gets married, and he storms out of the cinema. Clares is alone in the cinema and eats her popcorn while the hero and heroine kisses at the canvas.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Cinema
Danish title Cinema
Director Katrine Glenhammer
Producer Ida Sofie Brændgaard Rolschau
Director of Photography Katrine Glenhammer
Editor Nynne U. Larsen, Asger Kjærholm
Sound Katrine Glenhammer, Denis Lundgren Eliassen
Composer Andreas Askhøj
Production designer Marianne Glenhammer
Production country Denmark


Production New Tales
With support from Aarhus Filmværksted


Direction Katrine Glenhammer


Script consultant Rune Lünell
Script consultant Niels Fonseca


Producer Ida Sofie Brændgaard Rolschau
Post Producer Jonathan Langelund


Cinematographer Katrine Glenhammer

Electrical dept.

Best boy Katrine Glenhammer


Editor Nynne U. Larsen
Editor Asger Kjærholm


Composer Andreas Askhøj

Production design

Production designer Marianne Glenhammer


Sound engineer Katrine Glenhammer
Sound designer Denis Lundgren Eliassen


Dolls design Katrine Glenhammer

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