Emanuel Gregers, Denmark, 1937

93 min.DK/Feature

Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title Cocktail
Danish title Cocktail
Director Emanuel Gregers
Screenplay Emanuel Gregers, Børge Müller
Director of Photography Einar Olsen, Valdemar Christensen
Sound H. Lynge, Henning O. Petersen, Carl H. Petersen
Composer Vilfred Kjær, Henry Willum, Kai Normann Andersen, Aage Lundwald, Kai Kilian, Aage Stentoft
Production designer Erik Aaes, L. Mathiesen
Appearance Liva Weel, Marguerite Viby, Hans W. Petersen, Christian Arhoff
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Nordisk Films Kompagni
Technical info 2550 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Sound
Danish theatrical release 11.10.1937
Cinemas Nora, Park, Roxy, Aladdin, Kinografen
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Production company Dana-Film
Domestic distribution Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction Emanuel Gregers


Script Emanuel Gregers
Screenplay Børge Müller


Cinematography Einar Olsen
Cinematography Valdemar Christensen


Composer Vilfred Kjær
Composer Henry Willum
Composer Kai Normann Andersen
Composer Aage Lundwald
Composer Kai Kilian
Composer Aage Stentoft

Production design

Production design Erik Aaes
Production design L. Mathiesen


Sound H. Lynge
Sound Henning O. Petersen
Sound Carl H. Petersen


Choreography Oda Huld


Appearance Liva Weel
Appearance Marguerite Viby
Appearance Hans W. Petersen
Appearance Christian Arhoff
Appearance Stig Lommer
Appearance Christian Gottschalch
Appearance Osvald Helmuth
Appearance Ludvig Brandstrup
Appearance Aase Jacobsen
Appearance Randi Steen
Appearance Henry Lorentzen
Appearance Eliza Johansen
Appearance Lillian Dorris
Appearance Astrid Henning-Jensen
Appearance Grethe Sjölin
Appearance Birthe Svarre
Appearance Vilfred Kjær
Appearance Niels Foss

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