The Four Devils

Robert Dinesen, Alfred Lind, Denmark, 1911

35 min.DK/FeatureDramaSilent films

As children, Fritz and Adolphe are sold to a traveling showman, who trains them to become circus artists. Together with the two girls Louise and Aimée, they perform to audiences night after night while being subjected to a harsh training regimen and daily beatings. As the four friends grow up to become young adults, their master dies, and they begin to perform to an enthusiastic audience as The Four Devils. Countess Taube, who regularly watches their performances, falls in love with Fritz. Despite the budding love between him and Aimée, Fritz embarks on a relationship with the Countess, causing Aimée to devise a fatal revenge plan.
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Original title De fire Djævle
Danish title De fire Djævle
Director Robert Dinesen, Alfred Lind
Screenplay Carl Rosenbaum
Based on Efter Herman Bangs novelle "Les quatre diables".
Director of Photography Alfred Lind
Appearance Einar Rosenbaum, Robert Dinesen, Carl Rosenbaum, Edith Buemann Psilander
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Kinografen
Technical info 780 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 28.08.1911
Cinemas Kinografen
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Production company Kinografen
Domestic distribution Kinografen


Direction Robert Dinesen
Direction Alfred Lind


Script Carl Rosenbaum


Cinematography Alfred Lind


Fa'er Cecchi, artistlærer Einar Rosenbaum
Fritz Robert Dinesen
Adolphe Carl Rosenbaum
Aimée Edith Buemann Psilander
Louise Tilly Christiansen
Grev Taube Aage Hertel
Grevinde Lucy Taube Agis Winding
Aimée som barn Lili Kristiansson

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