The faithful dead

Anders Leifer, Denmark, 1997

46 min.DK/Documentary

"For pre-columbian Mexicans, the contrast between life and death was not so definite. Death was not the natural conclusion to life, but a stage in an infinite cycle." (Octavio Paz). THE FAITHFUL DEAD is about the Mexicans' vision of life and death. The film tracks the tradition in a movement from Mexico City to the celebrations of the Day of the Dead, the 2nd of November in Michoacán State.
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Original title De trofaste døde
Danish title De trofaste døde
Other titles Dødens venlige ansigt, The faithful dead
Director Anders Leifer
Producer Thomas Mai
Director of Photography Eigil Bryld
Editor Lars Bo Kimergård
Sound Tore Leifer, Per Nordentoft, Jais Kringelbach
Production country Denmark
Production companies Klondike Film, Det Danske Filmværksted


Production companies Klondike Film, Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Anders Leifer


Producer Thomas Mai
Assistant Pia Ravnemose


Cinematography Eigil Bryld


Editing Lars Bo Kimergård
Assistant editor Martin Kern


Sound Tore Leifer
Sound Per Nordentoft
Sound Jais Kringelbach

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