The Pride of the Circus

Alfred Lind, Denmark, 1912

46 min.DK/FeatureDrama, Sensational filmsSilent films

A tightrope walker from a traveling circus falls deeply in love with the mayor's daughter in a small seaside town. When he saves her from a deadly fire, his feelings are reciprocated by the young woman, who immediately accepts his marriage proposal. To spite the mayor's disapproval of the liaison between his daughter and the poor artist, the tightrope walker prepares a sensational but dangerous act, that will make him worthy of his bride.
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Original title Den flyvende Cirkus
Danish title Den flyvende Cirkus
International titles Der fliegende Cirkus, The The Flying Circus, The Rope-Walker's Romance
Other titles Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus
Director Alfred Lind
Screenplay Carl Dumreicher, Alfred Lind
Director of Photography Alfred Lind
Production designer L.A. Hjarne
Appearance Rasmus Ottesen, Emilie Otterdahl, Richard Jensen, Lilli Beck
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Nordisk Films Kompagni
Technical info 975 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 20.03.1912
Cinemas Victoria-Teatret
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus
Domestic distribution Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction Alfred Lind


Script Carl Dumreicher
Script Alfred Lind


Cinematography Alfred Lind

Production design

Production design L.A. Hjarne


Borgmester Strøm Rasmus Ottesen
Erna, Strøms datter Emilie Otterdahl
Laurento, linedanser Richard Jensen
Ulla Kiri Maja, slangetæmmer Lilli Beck
Stuepige hos Strøm Stella Lind
Cirkustjener Kirstine Friis-Hjorth
Cirkusgæst Charles Løwaas

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