The Dependable Turmoil

Jon Micke, Denmark, 1990

8 min.DK/ExperimentalFilm school films

In a variegated and richly coloured landscape, without the sense of limits, and made out of nature-referring elements, we shall meet some body artists. They will uncover some typical conditions in human behaviour in different situations, each with his own specific characteristic and only through facial expressions, gestures and movements.
Basic information Credits
Original title Den pålidelige uro
Danish title Den pålidelige uro
Director Jon Micke
Screenplay Jon Micke
Director of Photography Henrik Ørslev, Jon Micke, Henrik Kristensen
Editor Jon Micke, Mette Heiberg, Lars Bo Kimergård
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Jon Micke


Script Jon Micke


Cinematography Henrik Ørslev
Cinematography Jon Micke
Cinematography Henrik Kristensen


Editing Jon Micke
Editing Mette Heiberg
Editing Lars Bo Kimergård

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