The Perfect Muslim

Fenar Ahmad, Denmark, 2009

58 min.DK/Documentary

Nikolai Lang and his one man think tank Danish Center for Integration Analysis (DCIA) has decided to end the Danish debate about integration once and for all. His goal is to find the Danish ideal for the Perfect Danish Muslim. He then wants to introduce all Danish Muslims to this ideal.
Nikolai Lang takes a scientific approach in order to understand the Danes. He wants to avoid the usual media and policy spin. He uses focus groups and telephone interviews. He questions experts in Danish culture - and presents his results for a group of young second generation immigrants in Gellerup Parken in Århus. Are they ready to follow his 10 rules for perfect integration?
Basic information Credits
Original title Den perfekte muslim
Danish title Den perfekte muslim
Keywords Integration, Islam, Muslims, Immigrants, 2000-2009, Denmark
Director Fenar Ahmad
Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen
Director of Photography Morten Bruus, Henrik Bohn Ipsen, Niels A. Hansen, Henrik Kloch
Editor Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Appearance Nikolai Lang
Production country Denmark
Technical info color, Sound
TV release 18.06.2009, DR 2
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Final Cut Productions


Direction Fenar Ahmad


Idea Nikolai Lang


Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen


Cinematography Morten Bruus
Cinematography Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Cinematography Niels A. Hansen
Cinematography Henrik Kloch


Editing Henrik Vincent Thiesen

Visual effects

Motion graphics Søren Tim Nordbo
Title sequence Søren Tim Nordbo


Appearance Nikolai Lang

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