The Moody Barber

Jens Locher, Denmark, 1927

80 min.DK/FeatureComedySilent films

The orphaned Eva flees from her harsh foster mother, who wants to marry her off to the suitor Berg. By pure chance, she ends up with the barber Kummersen, who has his own struggles to deal with: A Bolshevik apprentice with a large, dripping nose, an old intrusive housekeeper, and above all, a missing hundred kroner note for the rent. Nevertheless, he takes pity on Eva and accepts her as an apprentice, since the previous one had left in fury. To avoid upsetting the old housekeeper, Eva must disguise herself as a boy, and from here the story takes many unexpected twists and turns.
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Original title Den Sørgmuntre Barber
Danish title Den Sørgmuntre Barber
International titles Liebe und Rasiermesser, Den sorglustige barberaren, Le barbier à l'humeur changeante
Director Jens Locher
Screenplay Jens Locher
Director of Photography Louis Larsen, Poul Eibye
Appearance Holger Pedersen, Fridolf Rhudin, Sho Erlind, Mathilde Nielsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Kinografen
Technical info 35 mm, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 01.07.1927
Cinemas Kinografen
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Kinografen


Direction Jens Locher


Script Jens Locher


Cinematography Louis Larsen
Cinematography Poul Eibye


Barber Kummersen Holger Pedersen
Christian, barberlærling Fridolf Rhudin
Eva Sho Erlind
Frk. Fagerberg Mathilde Nielsen
Værten Valdemar Schiøler Linck
Alfons Berg Arne Weel
Overbetjenten Carl Fischer

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