Det onde støv

Jakob Gottschau, Denmark, 2005

29 min.DK/Documentary

100 years ago asbestos became known as a magic mineral and the use of millions of tons of asbestos created a very profitable industry. And for almost as long, the industry has known that asbestos is extremely dangerous to people.
The documentary is part of the international awarded series "Late Lessons from Early Warnings" which explores how we have been able to respond to warnings about the hazards posed by some of the greatest technological innovations of the last century.
We have not always been that successful.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Det onde støv
Danish title Det onde støv
Other titles Fremskridt på afveje 1-8, Fremskridt på afveje 4:8
Keywords Pollution, Asbestos
Director Jakob Gottschau
Screenplay Jakob Gottschau
Director of Photography Michael Daugaard, Jakob Gottschau, Lotte la Cour
Editor Jesper Osmund
Sound Niels Erik Otto
Composer Niels Mosumgaard
Production country Denmark
Production company Express TV-Produktion ApS
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Express TV-Produktion ApS


Direction Jakob Gottschau


Script Jakob Gottschau


Production Jakob Gottschau


Cinematography Michael Daugaard
Cinematography Jakob Gottschau
Cinematography Lotte la Cour


Editing Jesper Osmund


Music Niels Mosumgaard


Sound Niels Erik Otto

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