Digital Workshop 1999

Prami Larsen, Denmark, 1999

56 min.Anthology

12 very different shortfilms produced during the Digital Workshop in the period from September 1998 till April 1999. The freedom in the visual imagery gained by the help of computers is hard to control - but at the same time it gives some fantastic and refreshing new moving images - images that might fit very well to a new, young generation of filmmakers.
Basic information Credits


Production company Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Prami Larsen


Cinematography Lars Beyer
Cinematography Anders Löfstedt

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Charlotte Munk Laursen
Electrical dept. Sune Schmidt-Madsen
Electrical dept. Lars Bonde


Editing Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Editing Thomas Therchilsen
Editing Mark Julius Nielsen
Editing My Thordal
Editing Bo Mikkelsen
Editing Thomas Pors


Music John Sund
Music Tobias Bjerregaard
Music Brian Madsen
Music Mickey Chaupin
Music Jesper Colding-Jørgensen


Sound Mads Lundgård
Sound Thomas Jæger
Sound Kasper Janus Rasmussen
Sound Mads Lundgård
Sound Poul Vestergaard
Sound Allan Holmberg
Sound Thomas Jæger
Sound Rastko Lazic
Sound Kasper Munck-Hansen


Animation Michael Lindeborgh Rasmussen
Animation Ulle Silvferberg Hansen
Animation Thomas Pors
Animation Moayad Fahmi
Animation Martin de Thurah
Animation Christian Ballund
Animation Jess René Gertsen
Animation Chadi Freigen
Animation Anders Lindström
Animation Johannes Berhagen
Animation Thomas Colding-Jørgensen
Animation Jesper Colding-Jørgensen
Animation Louise Bruun
Animation Yann Blon

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