Dreams & dreams

Irene Werner Stage, Denmark, 1993

27 min.DK/Experimental

Nine short films that at the same time make up a whole film in which the fundamental idea is perishableness. In the ambiguity of the language of dreams, a universe is unveiled, which is near, yet far away, strange, grandiose, with insight and doubt. The film is also a statement on part of the director's production, making use of out-takes from former films.
Basic information Credits
Original title Dreams & dreams
Danish title Dreams & dreams
Director Irene Werner Stage
Screenplay Irene Werner Stage
Director of Photography Dan Säll, Katia Forbert Petersen, Henning Bendtsen, Irene Werner Stage
Editor Merete Brusendorff, Irene Werner Stage
Sound Francois-Eric Grodin, Irene Werner Stage, Peter Witt
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Irene Werner Stage


Script Irene Werner Stage


Cinematography Dan Säll
Cinematography Katia Forbert Petersen
Cinematography Henning Bendtsen
Cinematography Irene Werner Stage


Editing Merete Brusendorff
Editing Irene Werner Stage


Sound Francois-Eric Grodin
Sound Irene Werner Stage
Sound Peter Witt

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