A dream about tomorrow

Peter Lind, Denmark, 1945

22 min.DK/Short fictionPropaganda films

Basic information Credits
Original title Drømmen om i morgen
Danish title Drømmen om i morgen
Keywords Dreams of the future, Social Democratic Party, The, Society developement, working class movement, The, Work life, Young people, Propaganda, liberation, The, 1940-1949
Director Peter Lind
Screenplay Harald Engberg, Poul Hansen
Director of Photography Arne Jensen
Composer Sven Gyldmark
Production designer Erik Aaes
Appearance Bendt Rothe, Karin Hasselbalch, William Bewer, Susanne Friis
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution AOF
Technical info Black/white, Sound
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Production company Teknisk Film Compagni
Commissioned by Socialdemokratisk Forbund i Danmark
Domestic distribution AOF


Direction Peter Lind


Script Harald Engberg
Script Poul Hansen


Cinematography Arne Jensen


Music Sven Gyldmark
Lyrics Oskar Hansen

Production design

Production design Erik Aaes


Svend, en ung arbejder Bendt Rothe
Karen, en ung socialdemokrat Karin Hasselbalch
Svends gamle far William Bewer
Svends mor Susanne Friis
Appearance Bruno Tyron
Appearance Jenny Larsen
Appearance Toni Biering
Appearance Karl Jørgensen
Appearance Ane Lind
Appearance Mone Lind
Appearance Carl Johan Hviid
Appearance Elith Foss
Appearance Kong Christian X
Appearance Dronning Alexandrine

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