Animal Friends

Eva Lindström, Sweden, 2013

12 min.Short fictionChildren's films, Animation

First we meet a little lamb who bored out of his wits and runs away from his flock. When he discovers that nobody notices he's going away, he sends them a postcard, telling them he's run away. The others then ask him to come back, but will he? "I'm running away" is a story about the desire to be part of a group, but also to be unique and find your own identity.

»In Woods and Fields« is based on the books »A Bird Day«, »I'm Running Away!« and »My Friend Lage« written and illustrated by Eva Lindström. The films recount the feeling of longing for something else. About running away from home to find your place in the world to be able to find your way home.
Basic information Credits
Original title Djurvännerna: Jag rymmer
Danish title Dyrevennerne: Jeg stikker af!
International titles In Woods and Fields, I'm running away!
Other titles Finns i skogen, Jag rymmer!
Director Eva Lindström
Screenplay Eva Lindström
Based on Baseret på børnebøgerne "En Fågeldag", "Jag Rymmer" og "Min Ven Lage", alle skrevet og illustreret af Eva Lindström.
Producer Lisbet Gabrielsson, Elise Lund Larsen
Director of Photography Eva Lindström
Sound Morten Green
Composer Halfdan E
Production country Sweden, Denmark
Danish festival release 07.09.2013, Cinemateket, Buster Filmfestival
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB, Bullitt Film


Direction Eva Lindström
Director: animation David Rylander


Screenplay Eva Lindström


Producer Lisbet Gabrielsson
Producer Elise Lund Larsen


Cinematographer Eva Lindström


Music Halfdan E


Sound designer Morten Green
Foley artist Jens Peter Storm
Foley artist Tobias Guldborg Tarp


Voice Erik Bolin
Voice Hugo Gabrielsson
Voice Klara Gabrielsson
Voice Frida Westerdahl


Assistant animator Natalia Figueroa

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