Elsa and the bedtime stories

Christian Ryltenius, Sweden, 2010

10 min.Short fictionChildren's films, Animation

An animated short film about Elsa, who absolutely must hear a bedtime story before she goes to sleep. Luckily all her soft toys have both the time and the inclination. They've all been involved in unusual adventures and can hardly wait to tell their stories. Tonight it's Harry Hamster who is telling Elsa a story about the world's most famous detective in the little forest.
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Original title Elsa och godnattsagorna
Danish title Elsa siger godnat
Other titles Elsa and the bedtime stories
Keywords Bedtime stories
Director Christian Ryltenius
Screenplay Martin Olczak, Anna Sandler
Producer Christian Ryltenius
Composer Henrik Lörstad
Production designer Jens Nilsson, Stina Lövkvist, Li-Chuan Chang
Production country Sweden
Online release 10.10.2012, Filmstriben
Danish rating Allowed for all


Co-producer Slugger Film A/B


Direction Christian Ryltenius


Screenplay Martin Olczak
Screenplay Anna Sandler


Producer Christian Ryltenius
Creative producer Stina Mansfeld


Composer Henrik Lörstad
Musician Mats Lörstad

Production design

Production designer Jens Nilsson
Production designer Stina Lövkvist
Production designer Li-Chuan Chang


Sound Kenneth Skoglund
Sound mixer Kenneth Skoglund


Voice Nicolaj Kopernikus


Animation Jakob Bastviken
Animation Lindor Tidäng
Animation Stina Lövkvist
Animation Michael Ekbladh
Animation Jens Nilsson
Animation Christian Ryltenius

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