Bed of Roses

Kari Vidø, Denmark, 2007

28 min.DK/Short fiction

A story about Hans, 34, who lives and works at his parents' rose nursery. As sole heir, he can look forward to spending the rest of his life in a greenhouse. On their way to a rose competition with the father's prize rose, the family is involved in a traffic accident. The father dies and Hans is hospitalised. For Hans it is heaven. He meets Randi, a nurse, who opens his eyes to life's possibilities. Hans blossoms, but the nursery is falling apart and his mother is working hard to get him back in the fold.
Basic information Credits
Original title En dans på roser
Danish title En dans på roser
Keywords Men, Quality of Life
Director Kari Vidø
Director of Photography Bo Tengberg
Editor Thomas Krag
Composer Bjørn Vidø
Appearance Jakob Cedergren, Louise Mieritz, Helle Hertz, Paul Hüttel
Production country Denmark
Technical info color
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Tju-Bang Film


Direction Kari Vidø


Production Christian Rank


Cinematography Bo Tengberg


Stills Per Morten Abrahamsen


Editing Thomas Krag


Music Bjørn Vidø


Hans Jakob Cedergren
Appearance Louise Mieritz
Appearance Helle Hertz
Appearance Paul Hüttel
Appearance Stig Hoffmeyer

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