A Hero From 64

Gunnar Helsengreen, Denmark, 1910

17 min.DK/Short fictionDrama, Historical drama, War filmSilent films

Everything is peace and quiet at the family Kemp's house in Sønderborg, but danger is lurking outside their doors. The war has just begun, and the young Valdemar Kemp goes away to fight for his mother country. The Danish soldiers put up a brave fight on the battlefield, but the German army is to strong. One after the other, Valdemar's friends are slaughtered, and his hopes of reuniting with his girlfriend and family slowly fade.
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Original title En Helt fra 64
Danish title En Helt fra 64
Director Gunnar Helsengreen
Appearance Aage Fønss, Philip Bech, Alfred Cohn, Martha Helsengreen
Production country Denmark
Technical info 35 mm, Silent
Danish theatrical release 12.08.1910
Cinemas Fotorama
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Production company Fotorama


Direction Gunnar Helsengreen


Christian IX, konge af Danmark Aage Fønss
Kaptajn, Grev Ahlefeldt-Lauervigen Philip Bech
Gamle Kemp Alfred Cohn
Madam Kemp Martha Helsengreen
Valdemar Kemp, helten fra 64 Aage Schmidt
Anna, Valdemars kæreste Sophie Eskildsen

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